We offer several levels of Analysis ranging from a very local ‘hands – on approach’ of conducting intensive audits of your business and the competitions through to a more global approach of introducing global trends and understanding the larger market dynamics.

Concept Development

The Strategy Development Plan in essence highlights in details – Who, What, Where and How with a holistic approach derived through all stages of the development.


The brand is the packaging of the concept! We develop a brand platform to ascertain the association of the brand to the target audience. How is the identity – the right look, feel, personality and message to the market place?

Customer Service

Without a customer, there is no business! We develop Customer Service Strategies and offer the entire process of ‘buy in’, implementation and measurement.

Remnelid Commercial Consulting is a strategic consulting company specialising in commercial concept development, revitalising existing Shopping Centres or city retailing that is no longer performing optimally and developing customer service strategies that set our clients apart from the competition. We deliver tailor made solutions for clients on a bespoke level ensuring that a clear point of ‘differentiation’ is evident in the outcome and sustainable.


We like to challenge the ‘status quo’ and provide solutions that will exceed the customer’s expectations, ‘…better known as ‘customisation to the right generation’.

We work directly with the client or as a sub- contractor. Our strategic partners who compliment our range of services include: creative branding agencies, market research specialists, leasing specialists, financial controllers, commercial architects and technical specialists.