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Lisa Remnelid

Meet our CEO and senior consultant Lisa Remnelid, a global resident with roots from Australia, Spain and Argentina. Lisa came to Malmö in 2001 and began working with Kastrup Airport’s commercial concept as a project leader with the international projects, mainly those in Mexico and China. In 2007 Lisa joined Inter Ikea Centre Group as a global concept manager within food and beverage and customer care service principles.

Remnelid Commercial Consulting AB was founded in 2013 and today we operate on an international level, however with roots firmly planted in Swedish soil across most industries, however with a concentration on the retail industry, meeting destinations, service industries and food and beverage!

By adapting an innovative mindset and thinking very often like a ‘start up’ is what keeps us ‘alive and relevant’! Creating a ‘wow’ experience is always at the forefront of the company’s KPI and this is transferred to what they deliver to their clients. What’s your ‘Wow’ or are you yet to find out? Get in touch!

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Totem Branding

We are the Scandinavian office for Totem Branding, based in Malmö, Sweden. We live, breathe and stand by the same values as our strategic partners which is to always be ‘customer centric’ and develop accordingly when a brand must be fully on, or slightly off, we call this simple notion ‘Brand on/off and Human on/off’.

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