In order to create an effective concept and strategy many different questions must be addressed first in order to establish a clear overview of the situation both from a micro and macro level!

Exit surveys are one effective method in which to connect with the customer who has just had an experience in your Centre or unit – ‘How was your experience? Was it timely? Did the sales assistant have the right knowledge that you were seeking? How as the presentation of the food? How would you compare your experience to the rest of the stores in this Centre? In-depth audits are another effective method in which to fully get a clear overview of what is happening in your backyard. We physically visit all the competing Shopping Centres and the high street in the primary catchment area to ascertain a quality feeling of:- operator performance, unit design, price points, customer service, production and presentation, location, communication and marketing, quantity of units, type of units, conceptual offering, identify food service user types what the competition is doing and why?

We invest the right amount of time and emphasis on this phase of the process, as it is here where we develop a comprehensive Situational Analysis and highlight the areas to focus on for improvement and create new opportunities.





Some common questions that are asked by clients that can be answered during the time of the analysis phase are:-

Q. How much food service do I need for this new development?

Q. How do I regenerate my existing food service offer and turn it into a true ‘food ‘ destination?

Q. What is the competition doing that is so unique?

Q. How can I keep the ‘local touch’ but make it more ‘international’?

Q. The spend per head is decreasing amongst the operators in the Centre, why?

Q. We don’t know how to advise our tenants in improving their units, can you give us some advice?

Q. How do we create a ‘true meeting destination’ for our customers?

Q. Does our Centre need a customer care strategy? We only have an ageing population living in the catchment?

Q. There are many families living in the catchment area, how can we attract them to the Centre?

Q. Do female customers really place so much importance on the condition of the toilets before they decide what Centre to visit with the family?

Understanding trends is paramount for the brainstorming phase of a project and this is where we offer a range of innovation workshops where one can toss up ideas freely and insightful field studies to come to grips with an idea or concept that may be new to the market or simply to gain another perspective and take in new inspiration or even educational lectures. Just Ask!