Training, Workshops and Professional speaking

Training and Workshops can be developed on a basic level through to advance training on a specific topic. Groups of participants can be mixed from local politicians, City developers, property owners, Shopping Centre Managers, front of house cleaning staff through to leasing managers, marketing specialists and heads of department.

Understanding trends is paramount for the brainstorming phase of a project and this is where we offer a range of innovation workshops where one can toss up ideas freely and insightful field studies to come to grips with an idea or concept that may be new to the market or simply to gain another perspective and take in new inspiration.

We believe in ‘tailored made’ educational packages rather than ‘cut and paste’ solutions, hence we are happy to meet with you to discuss what your needs are or that of the proposed audience in much greater detail. This also includes courses for professional associations and universities.

Some of our courses that are popular and offer a great degree of value and knowledge to participants and their respective companies are in the areas of:-


Professional speaking……attending local and International Conferences as a guest speaker on Food and Beverage topics and Customer Service.