Branding & Communication

The brand is the packaging of the idea or concept!

What is it about a brand that can lead us to ‘worshipping ’- is it the ‘hope’ that the brand will deliver an experience or feeling that we are longing for? Is it about connecting or belonging like part of the family –is it simply enough to say that it is about ‘identity’ and living a certain lifestyle! It is common now to see shopping destinations adopting a 2 or even 3 tier branding strategy, whereby categories such as dining are becoming one of the key destinations, hence an anchor.  Not so strange considering that people are looking for experiences that they can’t buy over the internet, yet are wanting to immerse themselves on a physical level and be inspired and entertained.

Let’s not forget that front store or front line sales consultants working for you are your brand! Look after them too as they can make or break your ‘story’.