Burlöv Shopping Center http://www.burlovcenter.se

Project: Customer Service Evaluation and Strategy

Client: Burlöv Shopping Center (operated by Newsec)

Our Role: Evaluate the current level of customer service/experience across all tenants in the Center, compare to industry standards and trends in the market place and deliver a report outlining recommendations for improvement for management to implement.


Management of the Center highlighted the need for a greater effort of importance to be given to the areas of customer service/experience from all the tenants due to the increased pressure from competitors and the increased usage of web shopping 24/7.


A detailed Mystery Shopping Evaluation was conducted across the entire portfolio of tenants in the Center, with a focus on the evaluation being done with the ‘eyes’ of a customer. Areas of particular interest were:- 1. General Service Standards(approaching, acknowledging, sales techniques, processing sales, returns or exchanges and in general the human interaction between customer and sales person). 2. Visual Merchandising Standards ( look, feel and tone of store, neatness and tidiness, communication through visual displays and signage, customer flow, maximising hot spots, use of A-zones, maximisation of front windows as a show case). 3. Working with technology – How has the operator incorporated technology into their concept (i.e. – electronic signage boards, wifi in-store, staff using ipads as part of selling tool, virtual dressing rooms, robotics/automation, social media, etc). 4. Concept Standards (Is the concept unique to the retail mix? Does the concept follow a ‘red thread’ regarding consistency throughout the customer journey? Does the concept deliver what it communicates?)


Management of the Center are working actively with each other tenant’s store/unit manager to identify areas of ongoing improvement and to use their strengths as ‘good examples’ for the other tenants to use as a ‘key role models’ for inspiration and reference. Both staff and management are ‘walking the talk’ around service issues on a daily basis and lifting the bar across the entire Center to develop a consistent level that customers will receive irrespective of where they are shopping. Service will be used as a component to distinguish Burlöv from their competitors in the surrounding suburbs and inspire those who use the web to come physically into the store and get a better overall experience.