Customer care & service strategies

Robots vs People…….How do we ensure that both can live side by side?

There is so much published today that suggests that many sales people working in retail, hospitality/services or in the restaurant  business are quickly being replaced by robots or automation. Yes, in some aspects this is true in relation to simplified job tasks, but in other aspects the role that a sales person in the future will have must be focused on some fundamental key aspects that I don’t believe a robot can be programmed to do:- As a reflection, just think of the word ‘experience’ on a holistic level, tie that in with emotions and feelings and you get back to the core root of how we humans communicate and are fulfilled.

We have a ‘working ethic and philosophy’ in this company that we stand by – the ‘Customer is King’ ! This we believe applies to all age groups, sexes, religions and socio economic backgrounds. How often does one get the chance to feel like a king or queen on a daily basis? Answer – Too Seldom! But it doesn’t have to be like that if companies fully develop and embrace a customer service strategy that starts from management’s values and filters down to the employees that are the ‘face’ for the company.

If you answer no to any of the following questions then we’re the right resource to help you make a turnaround:-

Q: Do you currently have a customer service strategy for your business today that is effective?

Q: When you are interviewing potential candidates to employ in your business are you ‘checking their values’ concerning customer service?

Q: Do all the staff in the company ‘live and breathe’ the values of the service strategy?

Q: Are management recognising and rewarding ‘exceptional customer service’ throughout the company?

Q: Do your tenants in the Shopping Centre or high street embrace a consistent ‘customer service strategy’ ? If so, is it making a difference to the lives of their customers in a positive way?

Q: Are you retaining your current customers and attracting new customers?

Q: Is there a policy for handling ‘customer complaints’ both off-line and on-line?

Q: How are you rewarding ‘valued customers’?

Often project teams complete the first phase of a project from a bricks and mortar stand point, however they forget that the hard work kicks in to ‘keep the existing customers coming back and attract new customers. This is where a Customer Service Strategy is fundamental from Day 1 with a flexibility planned in to adapt to challenging situations that may present themselves. Let’s not forget that customers today have a powerful tool known as ‘social media’ whereby they can either make or break your business, therefore isn’t it in your best interest and theirs to prioritise this as a key strategy for long term success? Look through our gallery of case studies and contact us to find out more about the methods we use that deliver guaranteed success to our clients and to their clients.