Chobs Scandinavia

  • Client: Chobs(Charm Health and Organic Beauty Store), South Korea
  • :

Role:– Introduce a new Korean Skincare brand in the Scandinavian market with focus on brand awareness, brand story, brand ambassadors, brand guidelines and brand communication.

Situation:- CH Harmony (manufacturer of Chobs) attempted to introduce a new brand in 2018 into the Swedish market with little success. In 2019 the task of the branding was handed over to us due to language restrictions and lack of a head office marketing department or marketing/sales competence in the Korean office. The key distinguishable feature of the brand is its organic, vegan and halal certifications which is not so common in many skincare brands today across Scandinavia.

Action:- Conducted an analysis and mapping exercise of the existing Kbeauty brands in the Scandinavian market to ascertain an overview of size of the market, their branding styles, their sales channels and their positioning in order to find a niche for the Chobs brand. From these initial steps we were able to create a brand story with the objective of emphasising our unique certifications to the marketplace in our communication via the social media platforms and linkedin.

Result:- Today Chobs is represented by Chobs Scandinavia and thus a new logo was created for this specific reason with the brand recognition. On the social media platforms the brand has acquired over +550 followers on Instagram and +250 on Facebook. The brand is sold today via small clothing stores in Malmö, via the official Chobs Scandinavia homepage, on and soon Zalando. There are a range of brand ambassadors such as beauty and health/wellbeing influencers that sell the brand via their own channels.

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