Rio Shopping,  Spain (Owned and Managed by Inter IKEA Centre Group)

Rio Shopping, Spain (Owned and Managed by Inter IKEA Centre Group)

  • Client: Rio Shopping Center, Spain
  • Category: Food & Beverage Concept Development/Implementation
  • Website:

Role:- To introduce the first porcelain food court to the Spanish market in Valladolid, Spain during the height of the economic crisis in 2012.

Situation:- New Ikea Shopping Center entering the region of Castillo de Leon who have a very strong food culture in the way of high end tapas bars known throughout the entire world. There needed to be a critical point of difference compared to the surrounding competition and at the same time educate Spanish customers on the Food Court experience, ie – individual units selling food and all customers sharing general seating areas.

Action:- Lease units in the Food Court to the best local operators from the high street of Valladolid who had distinct concepts and could offer variety, value for money and quality of food and service in a Food Court environment. Additionally create an identity for the new food and beverage destination in the Shopping Centre that would become a new anchor in the retail scheme.

Result:- A new and exciting food destination that was launched in Spain that could cater to customers wanting a Food Court experience or a full service restaurant experience in line with a visit to the cinema. The brand name of ‘Distrito Del Sabor’ was able to bring the destination to life by creating its own identity and being able to live as an independent brand in the entire retail scheme. The concept was first to market for Inter IKEA Centre Group and is today regarded as a huge success!

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