Steen & Ström

  • Client: Steen & Ström
  • Implementation date: 2017
  • Project: Food and Beverage Development
  • Our role: Responsible for concept, commercial and leasing strategies and implementation
  • Website:

Role:- Develop a new F&B concept in line with the new cinema and redevelopment of the Center at Fields SC, Copenhagen.

Situation:- The client wants to upgrade their overall commercial offer with a focus on the food and beverage and leisure due to that will be introduced in 2015 and create a point of differentiation compared to that of the local competition. Before the development the client had a very negative reputation as providing a poor food and beverage offer and this impacted the dwell time of the customers and hence reduced the shopping experience significantly.

Action:- We developed the new Food and Beverage/Leisure Strategy which included a comprehensive Situational Analysis report incorporating industry trends on a local and international level and a leasing strategy highlighting which tenants should come into the Centre, who should go and who should improve their current offer. One of the key drivers of the process was to take into consideration the strong food culture in Copenhagen and attract some of these food concepts to develop satellite units for the Fields SC project.

Result:- The Centre has undergone a complete transformation and is now recognised as one of the best ‘Food and Beverage’ and ‘Leisure’ destinations amongst Shopping Centres in Denmark. In October 2017 Fields were given the award for Best new f&b destination in Denmark. With a new Cinema, a strong food and beverage offer to cater to all tastes, coupled with a  modern and comfortable design, ‘the Food Lounge at Fields’ is gaining customer confidence and building itself a loyal community. Tenants are coming together with Centre Management and speaking with one another as a ‘family’ who can collectively maximise from a win-win scenario.

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